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The Life You've Dreamed Of...
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Hey Superstar...  Maini Homer here  

Developing a Super Strong Mindset helped me BREAKTHROUGH and transform my life in just a few short years to six and seven figures in income.

In fact the primary vehicle I use to teach people how to BREAKTHROUGH, Find Their Purpose and truly KNOW Who They Are in a really short period of time is....  you guessed it.. 

Mindset Training!

So... has Mindset Training already helped hundreds of women who have implemented my training build their Self Confidence,  Self Esteem, Self Worth, AND Self Belief... as well as their INCOME? - Absolutely

Here Are Just A Few... With Little Or No Previous Personal Development... Who Unlocked The Power Of An Super Strong Abundance Mindset In Their Own Lives...
"My Anxiety Dissipated 
In 10 Minutes"

When Talena jumped on board the program, she seriously doubted herself and her abilities to turn her MLM into a thriving success.  

One of the biggest things holding her back was crippling anxiety.

Once she worked through the program, she found that her anxiety dissapeared completely in just 10 minutes flat with a simple tool we shared...

Here's What Talena Had To Say:

"When you have lived with something like anxiety for as long as I have, the idea that it could be taken away in less than 10 minutes is very hard to believe. 

After talking to Maini I was hopeful that this process could actually work, and it did. I'm so happy that I took the leap of faith 

"I'm so happy that I took the leap of faith and trusted this "
"After Years Of IVF I am now the mother of twins & business is flourishing.."
When Dasha came on
board and joined us,  she had one goal in mind.. 

To sort out what was stopping her and holding her back from the lifestyle, she knew she was meant 
to lead.

Since Completing the program Dasha, after years of trying, has become a mum to twin girls and her business is flourishing.

Here's what Dasha says:

"This journey is sooooo incredible that I believe everyone needs to go through it!

I am a changed woman thanks to MAINI! 

I can't wait to see more changes as they come into fruition, my chest is WIDE open and I have a deeper connection to myself.   

"WATCH OUT WORLD - Dasha is Coming!"

"I Would Highly Recommend This To Anyone. It's AMAZING!!"
Janine joined the program because
she wanted to change her life.

Being a busy property manager in Auckland, she wanted to find
peace in her workplace as well as in her own mind.  She wanted to gain the courage to expand into her own space.

Janine was offered a substantial increase in salary shortly after working with us, when her boss noticed the changes.  
Here's What Janine Had To Say:

"The process was mind blowing. It worked so effectively and the results came so quickly, its insane (in a great way!). 

I now feel empowered, strong, confident and most importantly I feel I have real direction in my life.
Finding out what is holding you back is a real eye opener and I know for sure I would never have been able to do this alone."

" I know I will never regret meeting Maini Homer and how she transformed my life!"
So Here's LITERALLY What You Get...
  • 10 Weeks Of Daily Video Content With Exercises Throughout (Over 70 videos) ($2997)
  • ​Even More Valuable Videos On How To Build The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Muscles ($427) 
  • Email Access To Our Coaches 24/7 ($1297)
  • ​2 x 1:1 Support Call Throughout The Course ($497) 
  • BONUS: Additional video training on how to turn your life into a RAVING SUCCESS($797) 
  • ​​BONUS: Video Training on how to stop worrying about other people's opinions. ($997) 
  • ​10 Weeks Of Daily Video Content With Exercises Throughout ($2997)
  • BONUS: So many additional bonuses, they won't even all fit in here!  
Week 1

What Does Being Strong, Tall And Successful Mean?

  • How To Implement it Into Your Life To Reach The Goals And Dreams You Want.
  • ​Defining Strength and what it means to you so you can work out how to build it up properly
  • ​How To Stand Taller and Stand up for what's important to you
  • ​Defining What Success Means To You - So you know what it is you want to aim for
  • ​Living By My Expectations, Not The expectations of others - So you can be truly happy
  • ​Discovering What You Truly Want and What's Stopping You From Having It All
Week 2

Building The Self Confidence Muscle...

  • Definition of What Self Confidence Is so you can plan your journey ahead successfully
  • ​The Power Of Knowing You Can Do Anything so that fear does not hold you back
  • ​Understanding The Importance Of Certainty so that you can take the action you need to
  • ​Having A Clear Vision Of What It Is You Truly Want so you can AIM and FIRE! 
  • ​Getting A Clear Vision and Clarity because when you have that, you can have anything
  • ​Discovering All Your Achievements so you can clearly see how far you've come
  • ​Building Up Your Confidence so you can take all the action it requires...

Building Your Self Belief...

  • Working Out Where You Lack In Self Belief so we can fire you ahead in your life.
  • ​Knowing That Your Options Truly Are Endless and you really can have everything
  • ​Finding Out That You Really Are Good Enough and you can do whatever you choose to do in life.
  • ​Knowing You Truly Are Worthy and that there is nothing stopping you from being whoever you want to
  • Believing That Nothing Can Hold You Back from doing whatever you choose to do, NOTHING
  • ​Learning the Art Of Stepping Up And Moving Forward so you can really make your mark
  • We'll Teach You How To Develop A Winning Attitude so even if things get tough you'll still feel great!
Warning - Your Super Strong Mindset Awaits

Building Your Self Worth...

  • Learning To Truly Love Yourself so that no matter what comes up, you'll know you can.
  • Helping You Discover Your True Value and what you bring to this world each and every day.
  • Discovering Your Self Worth In Many Areas so you know that anything you want can be yours.
  • Learning To Trust Your Intuition so that when those tough decisions come up, you'll nail them.
  • Becoming A Confident Decision Maker so that decision become easy and effortless
  • Learning The Art Of Being Assertive when you need to be.
  • ​Seeing the "MAGIC" In Being Kind To Yourself, the person you MUST always treat right.

Discovering Your True Self...

  • Working Out Exactly Why You Are Here so we get a clear picture on what you need.
  • Clearly Deciding Where You Really Want To Be and how you want your life to look.
  • Let's Talk About Cause And Effect and discover that we are really the ones in control here.
  • Identifying The Fears Holding You Back so we can really start to set you free.
  • Discovering The Negative Emotions Taking A Look At The Ones That Hold YOU Back
  • Learning Where It All Began where did these negative emotions stem from?
  • Identifying YOUR Limiting Beliefs again so we know what needs to be put right.
  • ​Finding The Reasons Why You MUST Change so you can live the life you truly deserve!

You Are Never Alone...

  • Booking In Your First 1:1 Call this is compulsory, so please do that today.
  • What To Do When You Feel Completely Alone and how you can discover your support network
  • What Is Perception and how does it effect every thought that I have?
  • Why Some People Try To Do It Alone and why this is never the answer
  • We Are All On A Similar Journey and we all have struggles... let's turn them into Challenges.
  • Discovering Your True Support Network you may not realise that they are even there.
  • Who Is Really Here For You it may come from places you least expect
  • Support Can Come In The Strangest Of Places Workmates, colleagues and even your boss could help
  • ​Learning To Be There For Yourself - At the end of  the day, being our own best friend works! 
Warning - Your Super Strong Mindset Awaits

The Negative Emotions...

  • What Are The Negative Emotions and how do they affect me?
  • The Different Areas We Get These From  - Some of these will surprise you
  • Taking A Closer Look At Anger and what it does to our body.
  • Looking At The Dangers Of Sadness and how depression can be formed.
  • Understanding Why We Develop Fears and how these can form into phobias, and even anxiety.
  • Working Out How Hurt Can Affect Your Life you may not realise that it still does.
  • Getting Through The Emotion Of Guilt and how it controls you.

Limiting Beliefs...

  • What Are The Limiting Beliefs and how do they affect me?
  • What Are The Main Limiting Beliefs  - Some of these will surprise you
  • Investigating The "I'm Not Good Enough" and how this control us
  • Looking In On The "I'm Not Worthy" and how that affects our self esteem and self belief
  • The "I Can't Have What I Want" and how this can stop you from even giving things a go
  • "I Don't Love Myself" and how this can cause all kinds of whacky behaviours.
  • "I Don't Accept Myself"  and why this can make things really bad for you.

Building Strength And Stamina...

  • What This Actually Means  - A full explanation
  • How Having Strength Can Serve You and help you deal with almost anything
  • ​Learning The Art Of Resillience and how this can serve you in many situations
  • Knowing That It's Really Ok To Ask For Help and putting your hand up when you are challenged
  • Discovering The Magic Of Never Giving Up even in those times when it's all you want to do.
  • ​Knowing That You Are Really Capable of doing so many things
  • Really Working Hard On Being Persistent, no matter what gets in your way..

Setting Your Life On FIRE! (In An Outstanding Way)

  • Setting Some Very Solid Goals - So you can go forth and conquer 
  • ​Making Sure They Are SMART Goals - So they are achievable
  • ​Check On Your Self Belief In Acheiving Your Goals - You MUST Believe To Achieve
  • ​We Invite Our Special Guest Carol - Johnston Mollica - An NLP Trainer to work with you in installing these goals into your unconscious mind (three day process)
  • ​Final Check In And Celebration - It's Party Time! 
  • A Complete Mindset Master, A Mum, A Wife, Lover of Music
  • ​​Created, Owned, Bought And Sold Many Successful Businesses​
  • ​​​Been in Business for Over 21 Years  ​
  • ​​Worked in Corporate & Realised It Was Not The Answer​
  • ​​Worked with top network marketers now earning  $100K a month 
  • ​​Transformed Gloria from "Shy Accountant" to CEO in 3 Months 
  • ​​Took Natalie from not being "cut out for the job" to the Top 1%  ​
  • ​​ International Speaker and Master NLP Practitioner  ​
  • ​ Master Hypnotherapist, ​ Master Time Line Therapist ®  ​
  • ​​ Author, Mentor and Coach ​ 
Leisa Thomas-Lark
Network Marketer
Maini, has stripped me bare  of all my negative emotions  and limiting beliefs and allowed  me to choose what I believe  for me right now. 

She is extremely talented and  one lovely lady.  I am so lucky to have  found her.  
Thank you.

Sandi Gale
Corporate Worker To Yogi
Maini changed my life . Together we unblocked negative emotions and values that I had been holding and ruining my life for 50 years. After the break thru I had with Maini I feel a different more spiritual person and a clear vision of my great future. I would totally recommend Tall Poppies rising if you are ready to life your souls purpose
Kerrie Simmons
Successful Business Owner
"I have had the most  life changing experience.

 All my negative emotions have been removed and I've been
 built back up again!

Life will never be the same again.
 Thank you

 I am truly grateful."
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How Long Does Each Session Go For?
We Know Your Time Is Precious... That's why we've made each session jam packed with content for you. Each video can range from 4 minutes through to 20 - 30 minutes.. The average is around 7 - 8 minutes and the exercise will take you around  10- 15 minutes.  All up, allow approx 20-30 minutes a day.

Do I Get Access To All The Sessions?
YES!  These will be drip fed a little for you though, as we do not want you to feel overwhelm. Week 3 will be released as you finish Week 1, so you'll always have two weeks waiting.  

Will I Have Access Forever?
You Will Have Access To All Your Worksheets that are sent out, and the videos will be available for your viewing in the future.  
What If I Can't Find The Time?
If you are serious about changing your mindset and getting EVERYTHING you've ever wanted in your life... You'll find the time.
Maini has found the time to put this together for you.  It will take  you max 30 minutes a day, and can be stopped and started at your convenience.
When Does It Start?
We Kick Off On Monday 29th October 2019 
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You'll instantly have access to Week 1 and Week 2 and Week 3 will be released shortly after.  There will be more than enough to keep you occupied.
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